So funny story.  There’s a new teenager in my life.  As if I didn’t have enough to deal with in terms of teenage strops, mood swings, the constant requests for food and everything else that the presence of a teenager brings to your life. No, I obviously decided I needed more drama, consternation and commotion to really give me something to do.  Maybe it was the start of a mid life crisis, or maybe it was just a moment of weakness.  Don’t ever underestimate the effect of Pester power.  Anyway, whatever the reason, whatever the motivation whatever came over me I have somehow acquired another teenager to look after, to feed, to groom, clean up after and raise to be an upstanding member of society.   No pressure.  

This particular teenager is rather more demanding than the other three.  He is full of excitement, ridiculously energetic, constantly hungry and leaves a wake of destruction and detritus behind him wherever he goes.  He is always up to no good, always demanding attention and is regularly put outside for some time out.  Yet all it takes is just one look of his velvet brown eyes and all is forgiven.  Oh and did I mention this new delinquent teenager has four legs?  Yes, our new family member is a teenage border collie; a beautiful black and white fur baby full of love, brimming with enthusiasm and constantly in trouble of one sort or another. 

The thing about having a house full of teenagers is that no two days are ever the same.  One day they could be delighted to see you, the next you’re lucky to get acknowledged, unless they need an item of clothing washed or something specific to eat.  But our new four-legged teenager has all of the swagger without any of the attitude.  His whole body wags with delight when you walk in the door, always ridiculously glad to see you.  He doesn’t answer me back or give me grief.  He never demands the car keys and is happy with whatever dinner he is given.  He’s not the most obedient creature in the world or the most patient but then that’s teenagers for you and he likes to assert his independence but is easily assuaged in return for a simple tummy rub. 

He’s a delicate little flower really despite his stature.  This big brave doggo of ours runs a mile from the sweeping brush and the hoover freaks him out completely which is ironic since it’s used to clean up his constant fur balls.  He sheds everywhere.  All. The. Time. But he provides a constant source of comfort.  He is gentle company and an easy presence.  Most of the time.    He will protect us from other dogs, threatening cats and terrifying birds but would happily welcome any other human into the house.  He’s funny like that.

Now that we are getting used to life with a pet, I am hearing constant rumblings about getting him a little friend, another four-legged buddy, a canine companion for our delinquent dog.  But, I think not.  We are not living on a farm or in the countryside.  We’re city slickers.  There is barely enough room for five humans and one dog as it is.  Not sure there’s room for another.  Mind you I might have mentioned something similar before and yet here we are, the proud owners of a beautiful dog.  My main concern though is what happens when life as we know it returns to some semblance of normality. What will we do when the schoolchild returns to school and the college students return to college. They have been the chief carers for this new family member all along. They have trained him and fed him, disciplined him and played with him. How will we manage when us parents are the main carers of said dog? We managed the children. We rose to the challenge of adolescents but a four legged teenager could be our undoing altogether. Time will tell. This could become a whole other funny story.

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