Covid Musings

This time last year it was only beginning  

Would you have believed me if I had said

That 12 months later I would still be allowed

To only give you a hug in my head

Would you have stopped and taken a breath  

A good look around and a second for pause  

Or would you have marched on eyes on the ground  

Not interacting or seeing but only because  

There was always tomorrow, another day  

But it turns out there wasn’t, it’s been taken away .

Photo by Tim Mossholder on

Now distance is everything and space is a must  

Interaction forbidden we’re staying at home  

Lock up your passport, away with the map  

Our world’s now predictably monochrome  

We used to gather and talk over coffee   

We used to laugh and drink until dawn  

Now all I want is to get in the car  

And be with you before social skills are gone  

Before we start looking for someone to blame  

Because that’s the start of a dangerous game


So who will we be when it’s all said and done 

When we’re allowed out to mingle once more 

Will we remember just who we were 

Before this horror appeared on our shore 

What seemed so important back in the day 

Has become insignificant now 

The size of your jeans or the length of your hair 

It’s just ceased to matter somehow 

For now I can see what it’s all about 

And that’s human contact, of that there’s no doubt. 


So maybe you’re fit and are strong as an ox 

Perhaps you’ve ran hundreds of miles 

Or maybe instead you baked, painted and ate 

And explored your more creative side 

Whatever it is that is getting you through 

There is no judgement here 

Because we’re into this over 12 months now  

And you know it won’t just disappear 

But as the song says you’ve kept your composure 

You’re still standing strong still truly a soldier.


And this too will pass as all oddities do 

And then we will gather and come 

In the warm summer sun and the soft evening breeze  

We’ll remember our fallen as one 

For so many we’ve lost, so many we mourn 

So long has been our separation 

But the end is in sight, there’s a glimmer of hope 

And the start of some new conversation 

Till then though take care, stay strong and be distant 

But take hope in the fact that we’re nearly resistant.  

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